* Excellent DC multi-purpose welding for MMAW, Touch Start TIG, FCAW, FCAW-SS, MIG and arc gouging.
* 450 amps DC @ 100% duty cycle for heavy duty welding and arc gouging.
* Superior arc performance for stick welding.
* Touch-StartTM TIG welding for starts without tungsten contamination and without a high-frequency generator.
* Multi-process CC/CV output.
* Lincoln Chopper Technology.
* Cummins water-cooled diesel engines.
* 20 kVA aux output, 240 and 415V.
* Protection Frame.
* Fully inspected, Tested and Serviced.

$8800.00 + GST ($9680.00)


S/H Lincoln 400AS-50 Generator/welder.
 Perkins, 3 cylinder, diesel engine.
 450amp DC welding current.
 5kVa, single phase power output
 2 x 240V 15amp power outlet.
 RCD Protection.
 E- Stop.

$4500.00 + GST ($4950.00)

SH Lincoln WeldanPower 300+ Generator/welder

Kubota, 3 cylinder, diesel engine

300amp AC/DC welding current

6kVa, single phase power output

2 x 240V 15amp power outlets

RCD protected

Full roll frame

$4850 + gst ($5335.00)

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SH Lincoln 400AS-50 Generator/welder

Perkins, 3 cylinder, diesel engine, 1105hrs

450amp DC welding current

5kVa, single phase power output

1 x 240V 15amp power outlet

$4,450 + gst ($4895.00)

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